Air-Sea-Ice Interactions and Climate Extremes
Title: Air-Sea-Ice Interactions and Climate Extremes
DNr: NAISS 2024/2-9
Project Type: NAISS Large Storage
Principal Investigator: Lichuan Wu <>
Affiliation: Uppsala universitet
Duration: 2024-07-01 – 2025-07-01
Classification: 10508 10501


Climate change is an urgent global issue, and its impact is becoming increasingly visible worldwide. One of the most concerning consequences of climate warming is the rise in frequency and intensity of extreme weather events. To better address this challenge, it is crucial to gain a deeper understanding of the mechanisms that drive the generation of these events, particularly their large-scale dynamics. To this end, our project aims to investigate how such dynamics can trigger the occurrence of diverse extreme weather phenomena in distant geographical locations. We will also examine how the interplay between the atmosphere, sea, and ice contributes to the development of severe weather systems, such as cyclones and atmospheric rivers. By shedding light on these complex processes, we hope to provide insights that can inform effective climate mitigation strategies and enable more accurate predictions of future climates.