Active calcium phosphate cements
Title: Active calcium phosphate cements
DNr: NAISS 2024/22-284
Project Type: NAISS Small Compute
Principal Investigator: Baltzar Stevensson <>
Affiliation: Stockholms universitet
Duration: 2024-03-01 – 2025-03-01
Classification: 10403


This project is part of a recently started and SSF-funded project that aims to develop calcium phosphate cements for faster bone healing. The SNIC resources will be used to improve the theoretical understanding of the formation of the cements by substitution of Sr and Si in calcium phosphate precursors. This application will be followed up with medium or large scale applications during a period of five years. Overview The overall objective is to develop new methods to synthesize and process bone-inductive calcium phosphate cements. This will allow faster healing of difficult-to-heal and complex bone defects with shorter surgery time. We aim to document synthesis and process conditions for the formation of new cements with controlled release of phosphoserine, pyrophosphate, silicon and strontium and to verify the mode-of-action of the cements in bench and preclinical testing. Specific simulations Ab initio modeling involving density functional theory (DFT) calculations of free energies will be performed to locate theoretically predicted upper substitution levels of Sr and Si in calcium phosphate phases.