Optimization of Stockholm TMA + Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Traffic Management
Title: Optimization of Stockholm TMA + Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Traffic Management
DNr: NAISS 2024/22-118
Project Type: NAISS Small Compute
Principal Investigator: Tatiana Polishchuk <tatiana.polishchuk@liu.se>
Affiliation: Linköpings universitet
Duration: 2024-02-01 – 2025-02-01
Classification: 20105
Homepage: https://sites.google.com/view/aeargroup/home


The proposal consists of the following two research parts: Part 1: Optimization of TMAs in 4d scale Part 2: Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Traffic Management (UTM) Part 1 is a continuation of our previous project Optimization of Stockholm TMA in 4dscale (SNIC 2021/5-23), a collaborative project LIU+LFV (Luftfartsverket), in which we work on optimization of the aircraft arrival routes within Stockholm airspace. Next year we will extend the work with applysing the optimization framework to the other airports, such as Dublin, Oslo, Landvetter. The problem is formulated as a Mixed-Integer program (MIP) and is implemented using Python and Gurobi solver. Part 2 covers our work on safety-oriented route planning for unmanned aerial urban operations which takes into account the provision of Emergency Landing Sites (ELSs) along the whole route in a way so that there are no ELSs on which too many drones rely simultaneously. In particular, we plan to implement and experiment with an Integer programming formulation that improves the total time efficiency of all operations (social optimality) and compare it with a ``First Come First Served" (FCFS) approach where all drones are planned individually in the order of operational intent arrival. NAISS resources will help us to conduct our experiments on a realistic real-world scenario.