Transcriptional control downstream of Wnt signalling
Title: Transcriptional control downstream of Wnt signalling
DNr: LiU-compute-2023-28
Project Type: LiU Compute
Principal Investigator: Claudio Cantù <>
Affiliation: Linköpings universitet
Duration: 2023-10-01 – 2024-10-01
Classification: 10602


In this project we are studying the transcriptional impact that several factors have in specific developmental and disease contexts. We focus on the transcription factors involved in the transduction of the so-called Wnt signalling, and we study their genome-wide binding pattern as well as the transcriptional changes that follow perturbation of their function. We desire to run NGS (next generation sequencing) analyses using R pipelines and softwares/bioinformatics tools like: - Bowtie2 ( - MACS2 ( - HOMER (