Modelling of the neurovascular coupling
Title: Modelling of the neurovascular coupling
DNr: LiU-compute-2023-15
Project Type: LiU Compute
Principal Investigator: Henrik Podéus <>
Affiliation: Linköpings universitet
Duration: 2023-05-04 – 2024-06-01
Classification: 10610


My research focus is the mathematical modelling of the brain. More specifically, how the neurovascular coupling (NVC) regulates the blood vessels in the brain. By describing the biological systems with mathematical models, one can test hypotheses of the biological system. By evaluating the model one can gain insights into the biological system that, otherwise, would be unmeasurable. One can also simulate new scenarios and make predictions of how the system would behave. This project aims to deduct the most important aspect of the NVC, including factors such as: 1) how do different neurons contribute to the NVC, 2) if/to what extent is capillaries included in the NVC, 3) how can we replicate the NVC in a model with spatial resolution.