Simulation of reaction-diffusion dynamics
Title: Simulation of reaction-diffusion dynamics
DNr: NAISS 2023/22-370
Project Type: NAISS Small Compute
Principal Investigator: Johannes Hofmann <>
Affiliation: Göteborgs universitet
Duration: 2023-04-17 – 2024-05-01
Classification: 10304


The aim of this project in the area of statistical non-equilibrium physics is the simulation of reaction-diffusion systems. Such reaction-diffusion systems serve as toy models for chemical reactions that include the spatial dynamics of reactants, which are allowed to diffuse as well as to undergo local reactions with other particles in the system. It is well understood that diffusion is very important especially in low dimensions, where anticorrelations between reactants cannot even out, leading to universal diffusion-dominated reaction dynamics as opposed to a simple mean-field behaviour. What is not understood and the topic of our investigation is the behaviour of reaction-diffusion systems in non-trivial space topologies, where the space available to the reactants is neither bounded nor infinite. Our hypothesis is that even above a critical space dimension, the dynamics at late times will be dominated by the particle diffusion with a consequent dynamical transition between mean-field and diffusion-dominated scaling. We would like to test this hypothesis in numerical simulations.