Reactive particulate flows
Title: Reactive particulate flows
DNr: NAISS 2023/5-69
Project Type: NAISS Medium Compute
Principal Investigator: Henrik Ström <>
Affiliation: Chalmers tekniska högskola
Duration: 2023-04-01 – 2024-04-01
Classification: 20306 20401 21001


We will investigate reactive particulate flows using computational fluid dynamics (CFD)-based numerical methods. We are particularly focusing on Brownian motion and deposition in complex geometries, turbulent particle deposition in transient aerodynamic settings, and mass transfer and reactions in turbulent multiphase suspensions. A variety of codes is used to enable tailoring to the specific problem at hand, but the basis is always well-validated and benchmarked commercial or open-source CFD codes. The long-term goal is to enable faster and more reliable sensors and more energy efficient sustainable multiphase processes.