Air-sea-ice interactions during the development of Polar lows
Title: Air-sea-ice interactions during the development of Polar lows
SNIC Project: SNIC 2022/6-200
Project Type: SNIC Medium Storage
Principal Investigator: Lichuan Wu <>
Affiliation: Uppsala universitet
Duration: 2022-07-10 – 2023-07-01
Classification: 10508


Polar lows, or arctic hurricanes, are intense mesoscale cyclones over high-latitude oceans, their frequency and genesis region are sensitive to the rapid warming over the Arctic. They significantly affect the ocean circulation and polar climate, and pose a considerable risk to shipping, offshore activities, and coastal society in high latitudes. However, polar lows are poorly represented in climate and numerical weather predication models due to their small spatial scale (200-1000 km) and short-life (6-36 h). Previous studies about polar lows are mainly based on atmospheric stand-alone models, which give an obstacle for the understanding of polar lows. During polar low development, many small-scale physical processes at the air-sea/ice interface play vital roles, which are poorly investigated. Among them, the fragmented knowledge of the interaction between waves, currents, ice, and atmosphere over polar regions are one of the main limits to our understanding of polar lows. The interaction processes can only be captured in a fully coupled model with proper parameterizations. This is a PhD thesis project supported by VR. In this project, we will use the UU-CM coupled model (an atmosphere-wave-ocean-ice coupled model) to investigate the impacts of air-wave-sea-ice interactions on the polar low development. The simulation data will need storage space. We would like the new Medium project to replace the old Small project as soon as possible.