Computational Power for Symmetric Crypto
Title: Computational Power for Symmetric Crypto
SNIC Project: SNIC 2022/22-615
Project Type: SNIC Small Compute
Principal Investigator: Senyang Huang <>
Affiliation: Lunds universitet
Duration: 2022-06-16 – 2023-04-01
Classification: 10201


We are working on symmetric cryptoanalysis to study the security of existing cryptographic primitives. This proposed project is aimed at implementing new automatic tools for searching nonrandom phenomenon, which is used to mount new attacks and detect the weaknesses in the primitives. For example, we are working on a new SAT-based collision attack on SHA-3. In the future plan, we will also need the computational power for experiments and simulations in our research work. In this way, we need to apply for a large amount of computational resources for large-scale compuation operations.