Simulations with earth system model EC-Earth
Title: Simulations with earth system model EC-Earth
SNIC Project: SNIC 2022/2-2
Project Type: SNIC Large Storage
Principal Investigator: Qiong Zhang <>
Affiliation: Stockholms universitet
Duration: 2022-07-01 – 2023-07-01
Classification: 10501 10508 10509


Using the Earth System Model EC-Earth, we are performing the climate model simulations for the past climate to understand the response of the climate system to different climate forcings that are very different from present and historical periods. By using information about past climate changes, the credibility of climate projections for future climate change can be assessed. In the past years, we have performed the core experiments of PMIP4/CMIP6, including five time-slice (or equilibrium) simulations and a transient simulation. Four experiments have finished, one time-slice experiment for LGM and the last millennium simulation are still running. We have published the completed simulation data on ESGF, as a contribution to CMIP6 and IPCC AR6. Within our VR grant on ‘Simulating the green Sahara with an Earth System Model’, we are running a long transient simulation from early Holocene to late Holocene with EC-Earth-VEG-LR to investigate if the model can reproduce an abrupt ecosystem regime shift occurred during the mid-Holocene. Meanwhile we are running several sensitivity simulations to test the different hypothese on interaction between climate and ecosystem. In this project we will produce a huge amount of data. To understand the centennial to millennial variability that appear in our long Holocene transient simulation, we further launch several long simulations under different climate forcing, such as the last interglacial forcing and future higher CO2 forcing. These simulations will provide a clear picture how the low-frequency climate variability changes, at the same time also increase the needs in data storage. We use the Bolin Centre for Climate Research HPC project SNIC 2021/1-2 and SCMIP project SNIC 2021/1-15 for running the simulations. We apply the HPC project for model data post-process and statistical analysis in the proposal SNIC 2022/5-98 as a continuation of SNIC 2020/5-696. We apply the storage in this proposal SNIC 2022/2-2 as a continuation of SNIC 2021/2-2 to store the model output.