EHyd Optimisation
Title: EHyd Optimisation
SNIC Project: LiU-compute-2021-18
Project Type: LiU Compute
Principal Investigator: Viktor Larsson <>
Affiliation: Linköpings universitet
Duration: 2021-04-23 – 2022-01-01
Classification: 20399


Due to increased needs for energy efficiency and emissions reduction, mobile working machines, such as wheel loaders and excavators, are currently subjects to electrification. Today, these machines primarily use hydraulics for linear power actuation. Although electric systems are energy-efficient and offer emission-free usage, they have relatively low power and force density compared to hydraulics, in particular for linear actuation. Thus, it seems like the solution lies in a mix of the two domains. The problem is then how to realise this solution. In the project "Energieffektiva kompakta elektrohydrauliska komponentoch systemlösningar för arbetsmaskiner, E-hydraulik" (Energimyndigheten, Swedish Energy Agency, Grant Number 50181-2), parts of the work concerns optimisation of electrohydraulic systems for mobile working machines. The aim is use and evaluate simulation-based optimisation methods to find optimal system solutions that combine electric and hydraulic power actuation. Within the project, "optimal" concerns both the choice of component sizes and how to control the system optimally with respect to energy efficiency. Optimal-control problems are computationally heavy by nature, and when combining it with component sizing optimisation, the computational burden increases rapidly. There is therefore a need in the project to use more and higher performing computational resources, which is why this project was created.