Create climate change scenarios based on GlobalEnergyGIS
Title: Create climate change scenarios based on GlobalEnergyGIS
SNIC Project: SNIC 2020/13-42
Project Type: SNIC Small Compute
Principal Investigator: David Rayner <>
Affiliation: Göteborgs universitet
Duration: 2020-05-14 – 2021-06-01
Classification: 10501


As part of the formas project "Realistiska lokala klimattidsserier matchade till klimatpolitiska mål (t ex 1,5°C)" we are creating climate change scenarios to assess the the carbon-efficiency of building renovation options. Future scenarios will created by modifying present-day weather and climate datasets. Present-day climate datasets for the ELectricity INvestment (ELIN) model will be created by using GlobalEnergyGIS: The GolbalEnergyGIS grids will be modified to represent future climates using CORDEX EU-11 grids from ESGF. References: Norwood, Z., Goop, J., & Odenberger, M. (2017). The Future of the European Electricity Grid Is Bright: Cost Minimizing Optimization Shows Solar with Storage as Dominant Technologies to Meet European Emissions Targets to 2050. Energies, 10(12), 2080. Rayner, D., Lindberg, F., Thorsson, S., & Holmer, B. (2015). A statistical downscaling algorithm for thermal comfort applications. Theoretical and Applied Climatology, 122(3–4), 729–742.