Title: CriSim
SNIC Project: LiU-compute-2020-6
Project Type: LiU Compute
Principal Investigator: Henrik Eriksson <>
Affiliation: Linköpings universitet
Duration: 2020-04-14 – 2021-05-01
Classification: 10201


The project aims at running discrete-event simulations of pandemic outbreaks to refine disease and community models and to evaluate the results of interventions such as social distancing. The project builds on substantial previous work in pandemic simulation between 2005 and 2017. This work was dormant for almost three years, but have been reactivated in February 2020 because of the recent outbreak of Covid-19. Currently, we are running simulations on a few dedicated workstations and servers. However, at this stage we would like to explore possibilities for scaling up the simulations. Specifically, we are interested in stepping parameters by running more simulations in parallel and would like to evaluate the technical possibilities for taking advantage of the Sigma@NSC resource.