Homogenous Catalysis
Title: Homogenous Catalysis
SNIC Project: SNIC 2020/13-27
Project Type: SNIC Small Compute
Principal Investigator: Xiaoyu Chen <xiaoyc@kth.se>
Affiliation: Kungliga Tekniska högskolan
Duration: 2020-04-01 – 2020-12-01
Classification: 10407


In our group part of our research is using Jaguar to do DFT calculations for transition metal organometalics. I understand that I'm already in a medium project of the same field. However, since other member of our group tends to use lots of computational resources at the moment and we constantly heat the hard limit. It wouldn't be a problem otherwise, but since I'm holding my defense this October it is becoming urgent to be able to run calculations and finishing up my projects/thesis. I hope you can understand and hence approve this application