Simulations with earth system model EC-Earth
Title: Simulations with earth system model EC-Earth
SNIC Project: SNIC 2019/3-694
Project Type: SNIC Medium Compute
Principal Investigator: Qiong Zhang <>
Affiliation: Stockholms universitet
Duration: 2020-01-01 – 2021-01-01
Classification: 10501 10508 10509


We will continue work on the VR project 'Simulating green Sahara with an earth system model' and the implementation of water isotope tracers in OpenIFS. Currently we are using CMIP6 versions of EC-Earth3.3 for PMIP4/CMIP6 simulations and will soon finish all the committed PMIP4 simulations. The planned long transient simulation for Green Sahara project needs huge HPC and we plan to run most of those simulations on Bolin Centre project. We request to continue our medium project for runs with low-resolution EC-Earth. Our modelling group now consists one senior scientist (myself) who is actively running the model simulations, together with two scientific programmers Qiang Li and Jenson Zhang, as well as four PhD students.