Wave energy parks hydrodynamics and optimization
Title: Wave energy parks hydrodynamics and optimization
SNIC Project: SNIC 2019/3-636
Project Type: SNIC Medium Compute
Principal Investigator: Malin Göteman <malin.goteman@angstrom.uu.se>
Affiliation: Uppsala universitet
Duration: 2019-12-01 – 2020-12-01
Classification: 20702


The project considers mainly hydrodynamics and optimization of wave energy parks. The existing project has thus far resulted in several journal and conference papers (SNIC and UPPMAX has been acknowledged in all of them), see below. Göteman, M., McNatt, C., Giassi, M., Engström, J., & Isberg, J. (2018). Arrays of Point-Absorbing Wave Energy Converters in Short-Crested Irregular Waves. Energies, 11(4), 964. Göteman, M. (2017). Wave energy parks with point-absorbers of different dimensions. Journal of Fluids and Structures, 74, 142-157.