Atomistic modelling of dislocations in tungsten alloys
Title: Atomistic modelling of dislocations in tungsten alloys
SNIC Project: SNIC 2019/3-565
Project Type: SNIC Medium Compute
Principal Investigator: Per Hansson <>
Affiliation: Lunds universitet
Duration: 2019-10-31 – 2020-11-01
Classification: 10304


The purpose of the present project is to investigate the mobility of dislocations in irradiated and transmuted tungsten alloys. Such knowledge is important for modelling failure in plasma-facing components in fusion reactors. We will rely mainly on classical atomistic modelling, i.e. molecular dynamics and Monte Carlo modelling, but also some quantum mechanical density functional theory modelling, to gain insight behind the mechanisms and the impact of transmutation products on the mobility. Such knowledge serves as an important pillar to understand the gradual degradation of fusion reactor components over time and to make reasonable life-time predictions.