Spin and Lattice Dynamics in Complex Magnets
Title: Spin and Lattice Dynamics in Complex Magnets
SNIC Project: SNIC 2019/3-246
Project Type: SNIC Medium Compute
Principal Investigator: Corina Etz <corina.etz@ltu.se>
Affiliation: Luleå tekniska universitet
Duration: 2019-05-31 – 2020-06-01
Classification: 10304 10301 20506


The main research directions within the project concern a thorough investigation of materials with complex magnetic configurations. The emphasis is on: (i) the correct description of magnetic interactions, (ii) surface and relativistic effects and (iii) lattice dynamics. The idea is to discover new materials or systems for applications in magnonics and spintronics. The mentioned studies could prove relevant for finding efficient ways of building nano-scale devices for green information and communication technologies. We have recently developed a new approach (included now in the Elk code) for accurately describing magnetic interactions in non-collinear systems. Our next studies will focus on further developing this new method and on applying it to a wide range of materials. The theoretical studies will be performed in two steps. First, by means of 'ab initio' methods, the electronic structure and the magnetic properties of the systems under consideration will be investigated. In the second step, the information obtained from the first principles calculations is used as starting point for Monte Carlo and atomistic spin dynamics simulations. The allocated computational time will be used for simulations and code development. The main focus is the investigation of non-collinear magnetism and spin-waves excitation spectra, in bulk, at surfaces, in multilayers and nanostructures. The magnon spectra in non-collinear magnets differ drastically from the ones corresponding to anti- and ferro-magnets. We aim at having an accurate description of the magnon spectra in complex magnetic structures and to be able to tune and control the spin-waves excitations. By intimately knowing the characteristics of the spectra, we can tune and control the propagation or blockage of spin-waves with certain frequencies.