Unsteady Simulation using VOF and DNS CFD
Title: Unsteady Simulation using VOF and DNS CFD
SNIC Project: SNIC 2014/1-68
Project Type: SNAC Medium
Principal Investigator: Valery Chernoray <valery.chernoray@chalmers.se>
Affiliation: Chalmers tekniska högskola
Duration: 2014-03-03 – 2015-04-01
Classification: 20306
Homepage: http://www.chalmers.se/am/SV/forskning/forskningsavdelningar/stromningslara/forskargrupper/stromningsberakningar/forskningsprojekt/energy-efficient


In this project we will do highly resolved computational fluid dynamics simulations (CFD), using the Fluent and star-ccm+ CFD tools. We will use the clusters for mainly two differet projects: 1- ENERGY EFFICIENT TRANSMISSIONS: Efficiency is becoming a main concen in the design of power transmissions. In this project we would like to development a CFD methods for gearbox flow simulation to understand the flow, which will enable an effective optimization tool for gearbox design. Turbulence flow will be simulated by available CFD models, suchas K-e. The free surfce of the oil inside the gearbox will be captured by Volume of Fluid (VOF) model. BYEFOULING project: Chalmers is a part of a big EU project (EUFp7). The main goal of BYEFOULING is to design, develop and upscale antifouling coatings with enhanced performance compared to current available products. The approach in BYEFOULING is to tackle the different stages of the biofouling process using innovative antifouling agents, covering surface-structured materials, protein adsorption inhibitors, quorum sensing inhibitors, natural biocides and microorganisms with antifouling properties. Chalmers responsibility as the WP6's leader is to predict drag reduction for BYEFOULING coatings. The drag reduction analysis will be performed by Direct numerical simulations (DNS) of fluid flow on ship hulls.