Computational Biofluid Dynamics
Title: Computational Biofluid Dynamics
SNIC Project: SNIC 2013/26-15
Project Type: SNAC Large
Principal Investigator: Matts Karlsson <>
Affiliation: LiU
Duration: 2014-01-01 – 2015-01-01
Classification: 20306 20699


We seek to create patient specific models of the human cardiovascular system, in particular arteries, in order to understand age related changes in structure and function as well as early detection of cardiovascular diseases such as atherosclerosis and dilatation. We utilize the basic principles of applied mechanics as well as the modelling and simulation capabilities from computational engineering and high performance computing in combination with modern imaging modalities and image processing. The research effort within this application can be seen as a set of sub-projects that are strongly interconnected: turbulence modelling, multi-physics problems e g the fluid structure interaction. The research spans from image-driven CFD for follow-up to novel techniques for intervention planning and non-invasive tools for diagnosis.