Computer experiment in condensed matter physics
Title: Computer experiment in condensed matter physics
SNIC Project: SNIC 2013/26-3
Project Type: SNAC Large
Principal Investigator: Anatoly Belonoshko <>
Affiliation: KTH Royal Institute of Technology
Duration: 2014-01-01 – 2015-01-01
Classification: 10304 10505


In 2014, the major themes of our computations will be a) two-phase ab initio molecular dynamics (MD) simulations of melting; b) computer modeling of the processes in the diamond anvil cell with laser heating; c) thermodynamics of C-O-H fluids under high pressure and temperature of the Earth interior, including equations of state, phase , and chemical equilibrium. In all these topics the most time consuming part is first principles molecular dynamics simulations. The topic a) has a broad application in materials science. The topic b) will allow to find out the reason for huge variation in the data delivered by experiments in diamond anvil cells. The topic c) will potentially allow to find out the conditions for the synthesis of hydrocarbons and heavy alkanes from water and carbon dioxide. This might have the impact that is hard to overestimate.