Finite element modeling of spinodal decomposition in TiAlN continuation
Title: Finite element modeling of spinodal decomposition in TiAlN continuation
SNIC Project: SNIC 2014/1-175
Project Type: SNAC Medium
Principal Investigator: Magnus Odén <>
Affiliation: Linköpings universitet
Duration: 2014-06-27 – 2014-11-01
Classification: 10304


We would like to continue and finish our time dependent calulations of microstructural evolution of TiAlN in 3 dimensions. This application is a direct continuation of the expired project SNIC 2013/1-304 with the abstract as followed. In this project we aim to extend our previous study [1] from 2D to 3D using the FiPy (A finite Volume PDE Solver Using Python) program package. The study governs the energy and nanostructure evolution within one grain of a TiAlN thin film that undergoes spinodal decomposition at elevated temperatures (1173 K). Specifically we intend to investigate the dependence of Young’s modulus upon the microstructure in different crystallographic directions. Changing the amount of Al content in the films have shown to change the properties [2] as well as nanostructuring [1,3,4] dramatically. The material system of choice is successfully used in the cutting tool industry as a hard coating. [1] Ullbrand J. Phase Field Modeling of Spinodal Decomposition in TiAlN. Linköping: Linköping University Electronic Press, 2012. [2] Hörling A, Hultman L, Odén M, Sjölén J, Karlsson L. Surf. coatings technol. 2005;191:384–392. [3] Johansson Jõesaar MP, Norrby N, Ullbrand J, M’Saoubi R, Odén M. Surf. coatings technol. 2013;235:181–185. [4] Knutsson A, Ullbrand J, Rogström L, Norrby N, Johnson LJS, Hultman L, Almer J, Johansson Jöesaar MP, Jansson B, Odén M. J. appl. phys. 2013;113:213518.